Xander: "I'm really nervous about tonight with Emma."

Lou: "Don't be, I'm pretty sure this won't be as messy as your last girlfriend."
Xander: "Ugh, I hope not. I'm glad Amanda's gone, forever."
Xander and Lou laugh

—Xander and Lou talking about Amanda
Amanda is the ex-girlfriend of Xander McCormick. When they broke up, She went to acting camp and "acted" that Xander didn't exist. Xander is now currently dating Emma Evangeline Ross. It is unknown if Amanda is still dating or not.


She was never seen in the Bunk'd series yet but it mentioned in Gone Girl by Xander McCormick and Lou after Xander asked Emma on a date.

Gone Girl

After Xander asked Emma on a date, Xander and Lou went on a conversation about Amanda, his ex-girlfriend. After a misunderstanding during Xander and Emma's date, Xander told Emma that when they broke up, Amanda went to acting camp.