Gerald McCormick is a minor character who appeared in Xander Says Goodbye. He is the father of Xander and the adoptive father of Griff. He is portrayed by Larry Poindexter. 


Season 1

Xander Says Goodbye

He wanted Xander to leave camp for football practices. He makes Xander wear a jock strap that has been passed down from Xander's grandfather. He was disappointed when Xander told him he did not want to play football, because he was raised in a football family. He tells Xander that they are still leaving camp. Later, he admits to Xander that he had dreams of playing a clarinet and he lets Xander stay.

Season 2

Dreams Come True

Although he did not appear physically in the episode, it was mentioned that he adopted Griff Jones.


  • When a linebacker slammed him into a cheerleader, it's how he met his later wife
  • Gladys has a crush on him, but he doesn't like her back as he's married already.
  • He used to play football with the governor of Maine.