Hazel and Lou is the friendly pairing between Hazel Swearengen and Lou. Although they dislike each other at most times, they have to work together due to both of them being counselors.


Season 1

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka

  • Lous says that Hazel isn't good with new people, or any people.

Friending with the Enemy

Counselors' Night Off

  • They were both in the Woodchuck cabin packing cabin supplies.
  • Lou bets that Hazel couldn't last the night without talking to Xander.
  • Lou carries Hazel to the lake for a cool off.

Season 2

Griff is in the House!

  • Hazel takes over Lou's role of head counselor.

Luke Out Below

  • They recall moments from 8 years ago, their first year at camp.

Similarities and Differences


  • -They are both councillors at Camp Kikiwaka
  • -They both dated Eric from Camp Champion


  • - Their relationship with Emma
  • - They are in different cabins


The image gallery for Hazel and Lou may be viewed here.


  • They met when they were 8 at Camp Kikiwaka.

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