This has been the most amazing four years of my life.
—Jessie to the kids in Jessie Goes to Hollywood

Jessica Marie ''Jessie'' Josephine Prescott (born July 14th, 1992, age 24) was the main fictional protagonist of JESSIE, Bunk'd's preceded show. She was the all-time nanny of Luke, Emma, Zuri and Ravi RossJessie is portrayed as a sweet, funny, smart, clever girl who can say silly things as certain times, but is easy to be around. Prescott (along with others) considers herself as a struggling actress but this all changes when she gets a big role in a show which is a parody of her normal life. Jessie is the daughter of Colonel John 'JW' Wayne and deceased Mrs. Prescott, the step-daughter to Colonel Shannon, Step-Sister to Caleb and Darla Shannon,and the ex-fiancée of Brooks Wentworth.

Jessie is portrayed by Debby Ryan.


Before Jessie

Jessie was born on Monday 14 July, 1993 in Ft. Hood, Texas to Colonel John Wayne and Mrs. Prescott. She was raised there throughout her life. Jessie's life changed forever, in November 2002, when Mrs. Prescott had died in a car accident. Father, John, was hurt after his wife's death, and had a rough time looking after Jessie. When his daughter officially turned 6 in July 1999, she started attending Military Boarding School and stayed there until 2011, when she turned 18, and decided to follow her dreams of being a actress by traveling to New York.


Jessie is a very kind-hearted, thoughful, lovely, smart and talented girl who doesn't let anything or anyone in the way of her personal life or her friendship. At certain times of JESSIE, she can be very loyal, but when she is put in a hard place, she can lie by accident creating mayhem. Jessie at times is very funny and easy to be around with. She can share amazing facts about her pastlife, including her boyfriend history, making out she has various weird rude relationships with men. Aspects of the show, see her as a clumsy and a bit all over the place. Jessie has also had a clean past history as in 2011, in High School, she was crowned Straight-A student, bringing out her smart side. Prescott can be very strict sometimes when the kids are being difficult.


Jessie has fair skin, long light auburn hair with bangs, and hazel eyes. She has a  round, plump face and full lips. She has a curvy body. She usually curls her medium-length hair, but unfortunately can be seen with straight hair in some episodes. She also has a firm, strong, and powerful build. Her outfits are always colorful, and she wears both dresses and blouses, jeans, tights, etc. Jessie's most worn type of footwear appears to be boots and sandals, and she is very rarely seen wearing sneakers. She is known to be very pretty.

Relationships (Friends)

Luke Ross

(2011-Present; Admirer, Client, Best Friends)

Luke was the admirer of Jessie. He has loved her since they met since JESSIE'S pilot, New York, New Nanny. The two have had a good relationship, and had never had a major fight. Luke saw her as a future wife.

Ravi Ross

(2011-Present; Client, Best Friends)

Ravi and Jessie do almost anything together at certain times of the show. Ravi and Jessie have a great bond together and most of the day look out for each-other. Ravi at aspects, tries to teach Jessie right from wrong.

Zuri Ross

(2011-Present; Client, Best Friends)

Zuri is very best-friends with Jessie. They bond like daughter and mother and exhange thoughts and feelings. She is the reason, Jessie got to know her, Emma, Luke and Ravi for four years, after she swept Jessie off her feet.

Emma Ross

(2011-Present; Client, Best Friends)

Emma is on good term with Jessie. She sees her as a family member and a best-friend. Throughout JESSIE, Emma and Jessica very bond well and Jessie, when Emma is acting strange, tries to find the solution.

Bertram Winkle

(2011-Present; Co-Worker, Best Friends)

Bertram is the co-worker and best-friend of Jessie. At first, he didn't seem to like her as much, but in later seasons, Bertram showed care towards Jessie, and when she was getting married, he encouraged her all the way.

Shaylee Michaels

(2013-Present; Best-Friend; Co-Worker, Formerly)

Shaylee previously worked with Jessie, on a major movie in Hollywood, and ever since then, have become the best of friends. They meet each-other again in the Jessie and Liv & Maddie crossover episode, Jessie's Aloha Holidays With Parker and Joey.

Austin Moon

(2012-Present; Friend)

Austin is a famous music singer, who worked with Jessie on his music video.

Trish De La Rosa

(2012-Present; Friend)

Trish is a good friend of Jessie.

Dez Wade

(2012-Present; Good Friend)

Dez is a good friend of Jessie.

Ally Dawson

(2012-Present; Former Enemy, Friend)

Ally was the former enemy of Jessie. Now, she's a good friend of her.


(2014-Present; Friend)

Hudson is a friend of Jessie, though at times, the two can bicker and fight a lot.

Christina Ross

(2011-2015; Former Boss; Good Friend)

Christina was the former boss of Jessie from 2011-2015, and is a very good friends with her. Jessie always helped her, get to know the kids better, and offered her some advice.

Morgan Ross

(2011-2015; Former Boss; Good Friend)

Morgan was the former boss of Jessie, from 2011-2015, and is a very good friend with her.


Luke Ross

(2011-Present; Admirer)

Luke had fancied Jessie throughout it's show. Jessie, does not exactly love him back, and tries to get him to stop fancying her.

Tony Chiccolini

(2011-Present; Best Friend; Ex-Boyfriend)

Tony first met Jessie, in New York, when she was rudely thrown out of a cab. Tony helped her on her feet, and their relationship expanded from there. In later seasons of, JESSIE, Jessie and Tony become boyfriend and girlfriend. Later, they emotionally broke up, but in other episodes (i.e, Four Broke Kids, Lights, Action and Distraction and Jessie Goes to Hollywood) they talk, and even become best-friends, or sometimes, just 'friends'.

Brody Winton

(2011; Ex-Boyfriend)

Brody was the boyfriend of Jessie, before they broke up in Season One of Jessie, due to Brody cheating on Jessie, with another girl.

Brooks Wentworth

(2014; Ex-Fiance, Ex-Best-Friend, Friend, Ex-Husband, Ex-Boyfriend)

Brooks was the ex-husband and ex-Best-Friend of Jessie, who previously met her, three years ago, on JESSIE. They became boyfriend and girlfriend, but when Jessie did not want to marry Brooks, because of the kids, and the broke up. Jessie and Brooks meet again in JESSIE's Season 4 premiere (Africa's So Fari!, Season 4, Episode 1) when Jessie gets a misunderstanding that Brooks is still in love with her. Brooks, reveals he has already moved on away from Jessie, and married his new wife. *

Ted Hoover

(2014; Ex-Boyfriend)

Ted went out on a smoothie date with Jessie, but when he and Tony's old friend, Nikki, got caught in Jessie and Tony's jealously plan, they dumped their dates, and went out with each-other.


In Jessie

Season 1

New York, New Nanny

In this pilot episode of JESSIE, Jessie Prescott, Texas Gal, moves into the Big Apple to live it large. When she is thrown out of a cab, she lands in-front of a large building, where her life changes forever. There, a young man called, Tony, runs up to her to help her up, and they become friends. A little girl, (Zuri Ross) comes and sees her as a new nanny, as her original nanny runs out, screaming her lungs out. Zuri drags Jessie into the large building, and from this moment, Jessie enters a whole new world.

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