Jorge and Xander is a friendship pairing between Jorge Ramirez and Xander McCormick. They are good friends and they are both in the Grizzly's cabin. Xander is kind to him and even puts up with his farts. They are portrayed by Nathan Arenas and Kevin G. Quinn.

Fan Names

  • Jander (J/orge and x/Ander)
  • Xorge (X/ander and j/orge)


Season 1

  1. In Can You Hear Me Now, Xander gave Jorge a piggyback ride.
  2. When Jorge missed his family in There's No Place Like Camp, Xander helped the others make him feel better.

Season 2

Similarities & Differences


  • They are both male.
  • They are both in the Grizzly's cabin.


  • Xander is a counselor; Jorge isn't.
  • Xander is athletic; Jorge's lazy.



The image gallery for Jorge and Xander may be viewed here.

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