Lucas "Luke" Ross is a special guest character in the show, BUNK'D. His debut on the show was on the episode, Luke's Back. He is portrayed by Cameron Boyce.

He was first mentioned in Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka by Zuri Ross. He was mentioned again in Secret Santa. He was mentioned a third time in the episode, There's No Place Like Camp. He was mentioned for a fourth time in Finder’s Keepers, Lou’s a Weeper

Luke may have went on vacation as a treat for doing well in 11th grade.


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Season 3


  • Griff is similar to him.
  • He has appeared in the episode, Luke's Back.
  • It is revealed that he was supposed to be at Camp Kikiwaka, but he was put in summer school instead.
    • In real life, he wasn't in the show because of Cameron Boyce having a role in the Disney show, "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything".
  • He had the last line in JESSIE.
  • He is the only Ross kid that Hazel can tolerate.
  • Every one of the main characters has met him, except for Tiffany.
  • He has been mentioned three times throughout the series.
  • Jorge looks up to him.
  • He is in summer school.
  • He was adopted.
  • According to Jorge, his pranks are legendary.
  • He is a prankster.


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