The Maine General Store is located in Maine. It was seen in No Escape. Zuri Ross bought headphones, Jorge bought a graphic novel and Gladys bought fruit.


Season 1

No Escape

Jorge and Zuri when into town to by themselves a graphic novel and headphones. Ted sits at the counter, with a broken bell and a sign that says "ring bell for assistance". He then guides Zuri to aisle 3, which is really aisle 3. Jorge later breaks a statue, when he sees that Xander and Emma came after them. Ted, then tells them that they own him $200, or they would have to stay and work off debt. Emma and Zuri are changing expiration dates while Xander and Jorge are scraping mold off melons. Gladys then comes in to buy a tire full of fruit, saying that the mold needs to be scraped off better since the campers are getting sick.



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