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Murphy is the chef at Camp Kikiwaka under Gladys, but was later hired away by Camp Champion. He is portrayed by Casey Campbell.


Season 1

The Ones That Got Away

He appears as the camp chef and Gladys chases him. He is seen woken up by Gladys and says she looks like a flounder that he once caught. Later in the episode, he is seen with Gladys in the camp cafeteria again and tries to get out talking to her by claiming that he was going to wash his apron. Gladys notices that he washed it earlier, and the claims that he is trying to boost is grade in the health department rating from a D to a C. While dumping out the trash, he listens to Xander about his relationship with Emma, and giving him advice to never eat the meat at camp. In the end of the episode, he is seen with Gladys and he apologizes for being so hard on her and saying that "maybe we could make it a little unprofessional."

Season 2

Camp Kiki- Slasher


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • He shares many similarities with Bertam Winkle.