Noah Drake is a lumberjack and likes building furniture. He likes Lou but it's revealed that he was using her as his girlfriend so he could get a truck. His grandfather died two years ago and used it as an excuse for why he needed the chairs made.

He is portrayed by Chandler Massey.



For Love and Money

In For Love and Money Emma, Zuri and Lou are sent into town to pick up Gladys' bug spray. Lou meets a good looking lumberjack named Noah and falls for him. He seems nice but Emma and Zuri realise he's using Lou for work. They expose Noah but upset Lou in the process.


Noah initially seems nice at first but, his true colors soon show and it is revealed he is manipulative and uncaring towards others when Emma and Zuri expose his terrible ways to Lou.

Physical Appearance

Noah is a lumberjack, so he usually wears flannel shirts and jeans throughout the episode. He is a red head just like Lou. He also has a red beard.





Noah dated Lou in For Love and Money. He was only using her for labor so he could buy himself a new truck. They break up at the end of the episode.



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