Peyton and Skai is the cast friendship between Peyton List and Skai Jackson. They are co-stars on both Jessie and BUNK'D.


  • They shared the Jessie's season 4 wrap pics.
  • They did a cinnamon challenge together.
  • They had Starbucks together.
  • Skai put her arm around Peyton.
  • They shared a hug and are both in tears when Jessie wrapped.
  • Peyton and Skai (along with Cameron) went to Malibu Beach together.
  • They were on skateboards together.

Similarities & Differences


  • They are both females.


  • Peyton has blonde hair; Skai has brown.
  • Peyton has hazel eyes; Skai has brown.
  • Peyton is in high school; Skai is in middle school.


  • They follow each other on Twitter.
  • They often take selfies together.


The image gallery for Peyton and Skai may be viewed here.

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