Ted Zizik is a writer who has written 9 episodes for Jessie and 1 so far for BUNK'D.

Writing Credits

Year Title Episodes
2015 BUNK'D
2012-present Jessie
  • Nanny in Miami
  • Why Do Foils Fall in Love?
  • Acting with the Frenemy
  • Lizard Scales and Wrestling Tales
  • All the Knight Moves
  • Caught Purple Handed
  • Capture the Nag
  • Driving Miss Crazy
  • Rossed at Sea, Part 2
2013 Monster High-Scaris: City of Frights
2012 Austin & Ally
  • Big Dreams & Big Apple
2012 Monster High: Ghouls Rule!
2012 Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores
2015 Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?
2011 Fright On!
2011 Monster High: Fright On
2011 Monster High: Scream Building

Episodes Written

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