"The Great Escape" is the twenty-first episode in Season 2 of Bunk'd and forty-second overall. It premiered on May 24, 2017.


Xander and Emma learn that Griff and Zuri have a crush on one another, and try to stop it. Altough Lou help them by Telling Griff a message from Zuri.When Griff Contested, She got caught by Emma. Griff asked Zuri to go to a Country music festival. But since they did not wanted to get in trouble, They dated making a Picnic by the lake. While escaping, they hanked Lou to a ladder.Lou told Emma and Xander about their escape Ravi gets lost in the woods with Tiffany and Jorge, and has to plan to get them out of Canada. Tiffany comes up with an idea to let them go. Initially, the Patrol did not wanted them to get out. But realized they can have a little alone time.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Tate Hanyok as Marie Poutine
  • Sean Whalen as Cosmo Dibble


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  • This episode aired on March 5, 2017 in Italy, over two months before the US.
  • This is the second episode to air on a Wednesday, the first being Dance in My Pants.
    • Ironically, they both air on a Wednesday the 24th.
  • This episode takes place before We Didn't Start the Fire, yet it airs after.
    • Meaning tn this episode Emma and Ravi are still CITs and Hazel is still a head counselor.
  • Griff and Zuri start dating in this episode
  • This is the second real couple on Bunk'd. (first: Xander and Emma)
  • While Emma is talking to Zuri, you can see Gladys talking to someone in the window


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  • Romeo and Juliet: The A Plot to the Episode is a Bunk'd's Parody of Romeo and Juliet. Even the Characters[Besides Jorge, Tiffany, and Ravi] played a character from the play.

Emma-Lady Capulet Xander-Lord Montague Zuri-Juliet Griff-Romeo And Lou -The Nurse.

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