The Ross Family are the family Jessie Prescott and Bertram work for. The parents are Morgan and Christina Ross, though they are hardly ever at home because they are movie directors and fashion designers. They have 4 kids named Emma (Aged 17), Luke (aged 16) Ravi (aged 15) and Zuri (aged 12). They have a pet water monitor lizard called Mrs. Kipling. Jessie is 18 and Bertram is around 50 or somewhat.


History in Camp Kikiwaka

Not much is known about the history of the Ross family. But it's known that Morgan and Christina went to Camp Kikiwaka when they were teenagers in the 1980s. It's hinted they possibly met and fell in love there. But Gladys also liked Morgan and hates Christina for 'stealing' Morgan. Years later, it seems to repeat itself. Christina's daughter, Emma and Xander fall in love and Gladys's niece, Hazel hates Emma for 'stealing' him.


Morgan and Christina are too busy to be with their kids all the time, resulting in them hiring Jessie as a nanny. Morgan is a director and Christina is a supermodel, actress, and fashion designer. They visit their kids every once in a while. Emma seems to be very similar to her mother.